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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Oil my hair and control dandruff

Dandruff is a skin condition that many people attribute to dry skin and loss of moisture in the scalp skin. Though this is true, there are some cases of dandruff arising through food allergies. And in such cases, it is always better to avoid the food one is allergic to, with a bid of eliminating dandruff. If you canít pinpoint a particular food that you may be allergic to, following a healthy diet helps keep the scalp healthy and reduce the possibility of dandruff.

People suffering from dandruff should avoid milk, dairy products, fatty foods, sea foods and animal proteins. Vitamin C too is not good for dandruff. Remember that all sour tasting foods contain Vitamin C; so avoid sour foods like tamarind, lemons, tomatoes and oranges. All these foods have acidic content, which should be avoided to control dandruff.

Follow a diet with vegetables and fruits in the diet. Eat as much green vegetables as possible as they help control dandruff. It is better to avoid fermented foodstuffs and baked products like bread, cheese, wine and alcohol.

Besides dietary control, it is possible to bring dandruff under control using some ayurvedic and home medications. The remedy of using a teaspoon of sandalwood oil with three times the amount of lemon juice to be applied on the scalp when fresh is a common remedy for dandruff.

Make a gel using the leaves of aloe vera and apply to the scalp to leave overnight. Then wash the next day using a shampoo, preferably one containing shikakai. A mixture of ginger root and olive oil applied to the root of the head proves effective in reducing dandruff while providing nourishment to the hair roots. Even a mixture of ginger root and beetroot is effective in controlling dandruff.

Besides these remedies, maintaining healthy personal hygiene is required to control dandruff. It is better to wash hair and scalp thoroughly everyday. After bathing, dry hair and then brush to remove dandruff from the hair. Well-oiled hair also controls dandruff as dandruff occurs when the skin is dry. Moreover, oiling strengthens hair roots. And because dandruff may occur from stress, stress should be avoided, and controlled with the help of yogic asanaas.


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