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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Natural eczema remedies

There are many skin conditions that exist in the world today, of which eczema is one of them. A person suffering from eczema experiences exfoliation of the skin with some people suffering from severe itching too. Chronic cases have oozing of pus and bleeding, and this condition is called dermatitis.

Ayurveda believes that eczema arises with the vitiation of the three doshas. This is an infectious disease that seems to run in families, with allergies providing a higher chance of eczema. There are also other factors that cause eczema like age, stress, food, climate and during the phases of puberty and menopause.

A visit to the doctor ends up with some medication and ointments. However there are also many herbs that are effective in treating eczema. Use the bark of the babul tree by boiling it in water and fomenting the affected areas with its fumes. The seeds of the butea tree have to be mixed with limewater and then applied to the affected areas.

A mixture of linseed oil and limewater can be used to treat not only eczema, but also many skin ailments. You can derive madhuca oil from madhuca leaves and apply on the areas with eczema to obtain some relief. You can also make an ointment with a part of sesame oil, a part of turmeric and sixteen parts of arka. This ointment should be applied on the affected parts to find some improvements.

The peel of the banyan tree is effective in treating eczema. This peel has to be used to create a peel, and this brew has to be both drunk and applied on the affected areas to show results. Even taking a teaspoonful of Panchanimbadi choorna after meals proves great in curing eczema. So it can be seen that there are numerous home made remedies that prove to be great in curing and controlling eczema; why not try them out?


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