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When the patient is strong and the disease is weak, use panchakarma.


          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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SPRING 2012 (Series Part II)
Spring up back to health through Ayurveda

The key to good health, according to Ayurveda is to harmonize with the nature. One must remember here that spring is much more dynamic than other seasons and hence brings lot of good news for those who are keen to improve upon their health.

The most important factor in this regard is "kapha dosha". One has to ensure that the 'kapha" is balanced in the human body during this season. A human body, according to Ayurveda, has three doshas - vata, pitta and kapha.

If kapha is balanced one feels strong and stable. If it is not balanced then one feels inactive and quite dull and there might be nausea due to excessive phlegm in the body.

During winters that precede spring, human bodies have general tendency to accumulate kapha. This is because during winters people generally eat more, stay indoors and do not do much physical exercise.

Excess kapha has to be shed during early days of spring to ensure one doesn't catch seasonal allergies, cold and certain other diseases. For this one has to follow a disciplined life style, which mainly comprise of light exercise and a balanced diet.

Sometimes it is not easy to get rid of excess kapha. In such cases one can add certain herbs to the diet and perform certain yogic postures ('asanas') every day. Experts must recommend them.

According to Ayurveda and several other ancient Indian texts, one needs to be stress free to remain healthy and this becomes more important during the spring season as stress obstructs the process of getting rid from excess kapha.

One has to create a general space for good health and happiness, called "sukha" to remain healthy in spring by balancing the kapha dosha. A combination of meditation, Yoga and wholesome diet ensure this.

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