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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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SPRING 2011 (Series Part III)
Spring and beauty

Spring is a time when nature expresses itself with a new vigor and fresh paraphernalia. It is the time when everything around us looks beautiful and we feel very beautiful from inside also if we are able to get close to nature.

Spring generally denotes a transition between winters and summers. It is a season when nature is at its best. One can learn from the nature and enhance external as well as internal beauty during this season.

Spring is also the time when one has to internalize beauty. This can be done by following a disciplined life style.

Externally, one looks more beautiful during the season of spring than in other season as this is considered to be the ideal time to detoxify body. This can be done by yoga and meditation complimented by a balanced diet.

The detoxification of body brings a new glow in the skin and make one look more beautiful. It also brings greater energy to a person and make him or her more active.

As the age-old saying is, "A sound mind in a sound body," it is clear, during spring the mind is also much more calm and at peace. This helps to enhance the internal beauty.

A person with sound mind is much more capable of having positive thoughts than a person whose mind is restless. And a mind with positive thoughts brings one much closer to realizing the inner self.

This whole experience is so beautiful in itself that one likes to experience it time and again.

Interestingly, once a person internalizes beauty, it also enhances his or her external beauty. This is reflected in the form of "ojas" -- a special kind of glow that attracts other people. It also brings lot of internal strength in one's personality and helps one in moving ahead of others who fail to utilize the springtime properly.

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