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Vedic premise says that consciousness creates body.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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10 ways to reduce acidity

1. Eat banana, watermelon and cucumber to experience relief from acidity.
2. Take one to two teaspoon juice of chebulic myroblan everyday to get relief from heartburn.
3. Take raw spinach juice very now and then if your acidity is because of excessive alcohol intake or smoking.
4. Mix blanched almonds with cold milk so as to bind excess acid in your stomach and also supply you proteins.
5. During excessive drink a glass of cold milk.
6. Tender coconut water will give you a soothing feeling.
7. Eats small quantities of jiggery everyday. For better results keep it in your mouth so that it melts away gradually.
8. Drink pumpkin and carrot juice; make it a routine.
9. Make a habit of taking Ayurvedic haritaki on a regular basis.
10. And avoid all causes that gave you acidity in the first place.


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