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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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SparshVeda Center

Experience Ayurvedic Art of Rejuvenation! Escape to the world of gentle relaxation through ancient healing science of Ayurveda and soothing touch of panchakarma brought to you by SparshVeda, our day panchakarma center run by university-trained, certified panchakarma experts and Ayurvedic physicians. Sparsh, which means a soft touch, combines with the immaculate essence of Veda such that the calm reminds you of India long after you are home. Our center is located in the beautiful Pink City of Jaipur, in India’s largest state, Rajasthan, which has a 300-year-old royal past still retaining its impressions in its gridded streets, impeccable palaces and splendid forts.


Herbal Third Eye Healing (Shirodhara)

A highly relaxing therapy, shirodhara, where shiro means head and dhara flow, relieves tension headaches, eye strain, allergic rhinitis, stiffness of the neck and shoulders and insomnia when medicated oil laden with aromatic essences is dripped continuously over third eye on the forehead. Repeated use is beneficial for conditions like vertigo, tinnitus and psoriasis.

Full Body Rejuvenation Massage (Abhyangam)

Abhyangam is deeply relaxing and detoxifying, good for general fitness and well being of the entire body by providing energy. A herbal steam bath and face massage are included. Helps maintain defense mechanism of the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes. Ideally suited for stressed individuals. The effects stay until weeks after undergoing a session of abhyangam.

Ayurvedic Hot Oil Therapy (Kati Basti)

A simple, time-honored intensive treatment with profound effects, kati basti is highly recommended for lumbar pains and fatigue of the upper or lower back. Relieves acute and chronic back pain, therapeutically recommended for arthritis, prolapsed disc, sciatica and lumbar spondylitis. Three sittings are recommended for maximum benefits.

Center Director, Dr Vandana Sharma, B.A.M.S., D.G.O

Eye Rejuvenation Therapy (Netra Basti)

A clarified butter restorative eye therapy provides magical results in case of tired, sore, dry, itchy, and teary eyes. Improves vision, nourishes and rejuvenates eyes and eases eye tension and soothes eyes suffering from ‘computer strain’.

Traditional Herbal Steam Bath (Swedana)

Relaxes body by opening clogged tissues with the saturation of heat and moisture passed through herbal essences. Relieves deep-seated body toxins, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and promotes healing and restoration. Ideal after a day's running around and accumulation of body stressors and ideal for all body types since it balances all three doshas of the body i.e., vata, pitta and kapha.

Herbal Powder Slimming Massage (Udwarthanam)

A dry herbal powder body massage done in seven positions is unlike any other Ayurvedic massage since therapists use upward strokes to help body expel adipose fats. Udwarthanam is ideally suited for people with excess body weight particularly around abdomen and inner thighs. Udwarthanam detoxifies, purifies, tones, and exfoliates the skin. The best thing about udwarthanam is that it revitalizes the sense of touch and leaves the skin with radiant glow.

Lifestyle Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctors

TThe consultation includes preliminary pulse diagnosis, determination of your dosha type (your body constitution) and vikruti (imbalance) in your doshas, free customized dietary and lifestyle chart that you can follow wherever you are and recommended list of panchakarma therapies that you can take up whenever and wherever you like.


Mon to Sun 09.00 - 08.30

605, Gautam Marg,
Opposite Shivgyan,
Nirman Nagar AB,
Jaipur. 302 019 - Rajasthan

All services by prior appointment only

+ 91 98870-37-999 | + 91 98870-46-999

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